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About Our Team

Fence Contractor

Basically it all began because of a dog. We are animal lovers and always have been. We’ll call the dog Cooper and say she was a German Sheppard, but whatever breed she was we loved her. She was such a smart dog she knew that when she had to go to the bathroom her owners did not like her going in their yard. That meant poor  smart Cooper would sneak over to ours.  As much as we adored Cooper and knew she wasn’t the problem the best solution seemed to be building a nice big privacy fence. We also wanted our own little oasis away from prying eyes. Everyone has experienced that kind of neighbor, right? Well that is exactly the purpose of a privacy fence, to block that kind of neighbor out.

The whole process of building the fence was inspirational. We knew we wanted to get in to the business because we had a natural talent for it, and we couldn’t find a service that we wanted- so we decided to become the service that we wanted. We ended up building fences for our friends and doing research and learning a lot of information. With our background in design and carpentry we needed more contractors to work with and they taught us so much. From there our team grew and the companies policies become more fixed. We would also be learning with the industry, but always keep to the small business work motto of a strong work ethic. Contact us for info.


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