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Want to Know More About Our Fence Company?

About Our Fence Company

We are a fencing company in San Bernardo California for several years now. We have skilled people who can work with your fencing needs without any problem that can deliver a quality service. We have the right team and equipment to fulfill any fencing projects may it be residential fencing, commercial fencing, or even industrial fencing needs.

We offer the following fencing services with:

  • Vinyl Fencing and Gates

  • Vinyl Fencing and Gates Repair

  • Wood Fencing and Gates

  • Wood Fencing and Gates Repair

  • Privacy Fencing and Repair

  • Pool Fencing and Repair

If you have a fencing problem, we are here to help you resolve those fencing needs. Just one call away and we will be there for you. So don't be shy to call us now to know more about our fencing company. Having us to work with you is both our pleasure and honor. We are honored to be able to help you with your fencing needs. Some people may think that a fence is just a fence. But for us, it is a wise plan by the owner to have a fence for his families and property protection.

It may be against intruders or bad weather a quality durable fence may save your kin or property from the unwanted event. It is better to be safe than sorry is what they always say, and it is absolutely correct. You may not of it now but if it happens to you in some way then you will realize that " I should have built a better, sturdier, and durable fence to protect my home". So don't wait and regret it. Build a fence now!

Basically it all began because of a dog. We are animal lovers and always have been. We’ll call the dog Cooper and say she was a German Shepherd, but whatever breed she was we loved her. She was such a smart dog she knew that when she had to go to the bathroom her owners did not like her going in their yard.

That meant poor smart Cooper would sneak over to ours.  As much as we adored Cooper and knew she wasn’t the problem the best solution seemed to be building a nice big privacy fence. We also wanted our own little oasis away from prying eyes. Everyone has experienced that kind of neighbor, right? Well, that is exactly the purpose of a privacy fence, to block that kind of neighbor out.

The whole process of building the fence was inspirational. We knew we wanted to get into the business because we had a natural talent for it, and we couldn’t find a service that we wanted- so we decided to become the service that we wanted. We ended up building fences for our friends and doing research and learning a lot of information.

With our background in design and carpentry, we needed more contractors to work with and they taught us so much. From there our team grew and the companies policies become more fixed. We would also be learning with the industry, but always keep to the small business work motto of a strong work ethic. Contact us for info about our fence company.

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