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Chain-Link Fencing

chain link fence San Bernardino

Chain link fencing is different to the white picket fence many think of when we think of fencing. It is true when we think of decorative home fencing we think of the tender white border around the picture perfect garden, the final piece to a quaint home.  Chain link fencing though, is the fencing that we most commonly see and know. It is the fencing that is used most often around schoolyards, baseball fields, malls and or parking lots and even incarceration institutions. It is that classic diamond shaped galvanized steel.

Chain-Link History

However though the first chain-link firm was established in the United Kingdom. In 1844 in Norwich, Barnard, Bishop & Barnard began making chain-link fencing by machine. The process of making this type of fence was inspired by technique for weaving cloth. The specific wire bending machine used to make chain-link fences was bought from a Belgium man in 1945. From there the company worked making chain-link fencing for another forty-seven years. In 1891 a company in the United States called The Anchor Post Fence Co purchased the patent from the company in Norwich.


When you decided to go for the classic chain-link fence for your property have it be around the pool, the tennis court, or the ball court in the United States they come in all sorts of heights.  Before installed they come in rolls. The chain-link rolls are either twenty-foot rolls or fifty-foot rolls and varying heights. The posts that hold the chain-link weaving can be wood or concrete or steel tubing. Favored by many for its cheap costs and ability to let in tons of sunlight chain-link fencing is seen everywhere used for many properties.


Wood fencing is beautiful but the different types of wood can add up and hurt your wallet. Wrought iron is also a great option but one that might not always be so friendly to your budget. Chain-link fencing and privacy fencing has long been a favorite and one of the reasons we see it everywhere is because it is so affordable. The cheap cost of this effective fence material plus our great expert fence installations and wonderful competitively priced contractors make for a great way for you to install the fence you need at a cost you will be comfortable with. As mentioned above, it also allows in so much sunlight.


Fast and easy we install chain-link fences in no time. When you need a fence up quickly we are the best contractors for the job. If you look around San Bernardino and tally up the chain-link fences and which Fence Company installed it, we would probably be the company that has done most of this city’s fences. We are proud to be working here in San Bernardino because we love it here. Our fences are the best in California and word gets around. That means we our doing job right because the people of this great place keep telling their friends about our skills. So when you need your chain-link fence let us help you out.


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