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Another important service we offer is our pool fencing. Pool fencing is important for safety and security. However, that doesn’t mean pool fencing can’t also be stylish. When you want a pool fence that compliments your pool and your home we have all the design experience and expertise that California needs. Pool fencing does not have to be as boring as it sounds. Getting the right fence to compliment your pool is it all it takes so the fence is something you barely remember as being there. A nicely done pool fence makes all the difference.

While pools are less prevalent in some states due to climate, backyard and public swimming pools are extremely common across the United States. By some estimates there are nearly 7 million hot tubs and 9 million pools (public and residential) in the U.S. Considering how many devastating and, in many cases, preventable drownings (like that of the Hafts) occur each year, it is easy to see why swimming pool signage and other safety measures are so important.

Because of the potential for liability and the responsibility to protect strangers and loved ones alike, pool signage is an absolute must for both public and residential pools. In this post, we outline many of the laws, definitions, and legal precedents governing swimming pool liability at federal, state, and local levels. While there are countless legal issues relating to pool ownership (installation, location, care, maintenance, etc.) we focus on what we do best–signage. As a labor of love, we also outline swimming pool fencing laws for each state. We hope that the information we provide not only helps pool owners and operators adhere to relevant laws, but also reduces drownings and other pool accidents.


When it comes to making sure your pool has a barrier around it, not only are you concerned with the style of the fence and the pool but also you are taking an active step in protecting the life of the small children that may come into contact with that body of water without the pool. Even if you do not have children, kids have known to wonder. Yet with a fence by San Bernardino Fences around your pool the safety of the neighborhood will be preserved. You are taking a step in the right direction that shows an initiative towards caring for the greater good of your family, visitors, and neighbors.


Having a pool in the backyard can be an open invitation to wonders to take a stroll into your yard. When you have a pool fence you make the accessibility of your pool much more difficult. Just with this step alone, a fence around your pool will strongly reduce the possibility of people wanting to jump into your private haven. A pool fence deters those from wanting to get into the pool and it helps you keep your property and your pool that bit safer. It also reduces the risk of being sued if any one of these strangers should decide to jump in and hurts his or her self.


When you need a fence for your pool that compliments the style of your pool, the garden, and your home, we are the perfect fence building team for your needs. When you have decided what type of pool fence you want we can install the fence so it is customized to your yard and the purpose of the pool. Our contractors work quickly with a professionalism that is reassuring and lacking with a lot of our modern workers. When you hire us at San Bernardino Fences you will be doing your pool and your home a huge favor.

Pool Professionals

Knowing that a pool fence can make or break a weekend, we as a company understand the importance of getting a pool fence installed when it is needed. When you need a pool fence put in soon, call us. We are the fence professionals and that includes all kinds of fences. When you are unsure of the look you want or what it is exactly that will make up a fence for the pool we can go over all of that with you so there is confusion. We work hard, and our work ethic is to make sure you are satisfied with the fence that we build. Find out many more details about us.

Looking for a Pool Fencing Company in San Bernardino, CA?