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When we get our properties or homes before anything else has been built on them we begin to envision how our home will look. Sometimes we have been envisioning it for our whole lives. The borders that surround our home end up being part of how we define it.  When we have decided we need a fence the type of fence we have dreamed of can be many different kinds. The timeless wood fence and gate have the traditional American appeal.  When you go with wood fencing your options are just beginning.

When selecting a type of lumber for your fence, consider the local weather. Do you live in a rainy area or a dry area? Does your area reach freezing temperatures or above 100 degree temperatures? Does the weather fluctuate or remain relatively stable? Choosing the proper wood for your climate will deter decay and provide a long-lasting fence.
The next thing to be aware of is the wood species' susceptibility to insect infestation. If the wood you choose does not have a natural repellent or is not pressure treated, termites could take up residence and eat away at your fence, leaving it to rot and fall apart.


Wood fencing is not limited to the tiny white picket fences. Neither is the only other option the barn-like wood planks. When you want wood fencing for your property we can show you how many options you can go with. Of course, there is the picket, but there is also the paddock, the estate, the vertical board, the spaced outboard, board on board, the split rail and board batten. These many options can give you the opportunity to have that signature wooden fence you have always dreamt about. When you come to San Bernardino Wood Fences we can go over what options you have and what will suit your home best.

Types of Wood

Furthermore to customize the appearance of your home and your fence you can also choose the type of wood you want for your fence. Cedarwood, cypress wood and redwood are some of the more popular options. All beautiful in their own unique way, they all have their pros and cons. Cedar wood has natural oils that give off that great cedar smell. These oils also naturally deter insects. Cedar is also rot-resistant. Cypress, also rot-resistant, has cypretine. This extends the lifespan of cypress, as it is also a natural chemical that deters bugs. Redwood is very popular for fencing. It is the most expensive out of these three but it is also the most durable.

How To Treat Wood Fencing

When you are getting cedar for your fencing you can apply a stain for cedar wood that has resins and oils that penetrate into the grains of the cedar. Some people prefer to paint cedar with acrylic. Cypress may be an expensive option. However, if you choose to go with cypress for your wood fencing you can also stain it and apply a sealant to increase the lifespan of the fence. With redwood, because it has such a naturally beautiful color already, using a clear stain is most optimal. When you are staining redwood it is recommended that you let the wood be outside so it weathers a little.

Our Wood Fence Experts

When you have decided to go with wood fencing for your home or property, our experts and contractors are the best in California. With years and years of experience, our knowledge about wood and wood fencing and wood gates is incomparable to other companies. We can help you go over your options so you are fully informed before making a decision. Then when it is time to do the fence installation our workers always respect your time and stick to the schedule. When we arrive to work for you we make sure that everything goes smoothly and that the fence is installed quickly and effectively.

Looking for a Wood Fencing Company in San Bernardino?