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Wrought Iron Fencing and Gates

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Bordering your property with a barrier to prevent access to your home from either pests, strangers, or prying eyes is one of those measures we all take to feel more secure in our home. Making the choice to build a fence usually has varying inspirations behind it. When you know you want one or need one the next step is looking into the kind of fences available, which material best suits your budget, and which fencing will go best with your style, lifestyle and need for the fence. When it comes wrought iron fencing and gates the look of the fence is very particular and the property will be well protected.

Wrought Iron History

Wrought iron was first called wrought because it would be hammered and rolled. An extremely durable material it is said to have corrosion resistance greater than most other materials because of the naturally occurring siliceous impurities. The name for these specific impurities is ferric silicate. it has been around since the time of the romans. In London England the iron gates of Westminister Abbey were made around the thirteenth century.  Used in anchor chains and bridges no longer used or torn down, a lot of the wrought iron that is used today is recycled from these sources. That means these are reclaimed materials.

The Look

Wrought iron fencing automatically has a vintage look to it that inspires a lot of people. Reminiscent of a time once passed, wrought iron fencing suits all styles of buildings and homes. The wrought iron look also brings about a feeling of intimidation depending on your chosen shape of the final top. If you decide to go with something that ends in a point it gives off an aesthetic of another time as well as a protective gate impression. When you are looking to get a wrought iron gate or fence you can talk to our specialists and they can go over the different types.

Wrought Iron Experts

We have been doing fencing for a long time. We know everything about the different kinds of chain link fencing and we offer each type of fence as a service because we have extensive experience in designing and installing these various fences. When you want a wrought iron fence there is no better wrought iron installation team than ours. Here at San Bernardino Fences we proudly make sure you have the best fence that your property can get. Having our experts come from all over California we only hire the best contractor to work for you. With a wrought iron fence from us you will not be disappointed.


When our contractors install your wrought iron gate we do it in record time. Taking our time with the important details so we do an efficient, and thorough job but not slacking in other areas of work we get to your property with the approved materials and approved plan and start working. When you need your installation done in a time that you are worried will not allow for a great job, you have nothing to worry about calling us. We know how important fencing can be to completely a home so we take our job very seriously and are happy to serve you the best wrought iron fencing experience you can have.


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